Why Organic?

When you purchase from MaMa Organic Herbs, it is important understand why we use all-natural ingredients. Many of our ingredients are organic, vegan, and all-natural. We never use harmful chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, or cheap fillers in the products that we offer.

All-natural skincare is necessary to maintain a high level of health and goes beyond an indulgent day at the spa.

It is possible to look attractive with a healthy, radiant glow about you. Our goal is to deliver the most natural level of skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals for you to share with yourself and your loved ones.

Everything that you put onto your skin ends up inside of your body – which means you need to make sure you are applying the right products.

Chemicals are everywhere in today’s market and this is affecting everyone’s well-being. Every day, we are exposed to carcinogens without even realizing it. This includes the polyurethane mattresses when we sleep, the BPA lined containers from our take-out foods, harsh detergents in the shower, and fumes from traffic as we commute.

It may be obvious to understand why you should buy all-natural food, but why all-natural skincare?

If you already know that all-natural food is better than traditional food because it is free of pesticides and fertilizers, skincare is better for the same reasons as well. The all-natural ingredients must be grown without the use of any chemicals, free from GMOs, and extracted without chemical solvents.

All-natural and wild-harvested food is often higher in nutrients and skincare ingredients collected in the same manner is similar. This means that you can be lathering your skin with many more vitamins and minerals than traditional products.

By using all-natural ingredients, you are choosing to work with organic agriculturalists. The crops are grown without spraying them down with chemicals, which keeps our soils, air, and water streams pure.

By choosing all-natural, you minimize the chemical hazards that you face on a regular basis. This means that you are providing the very best for you, your family, and the environment.

The products that you will find at MaMa are often:

  • Wild-harvested
  • Premium and all-natural
  • Vegan

You get the purest form of ingredients that can help you with your health as well as your beauty.

We do not use many of the chemicals and products that other companies use. This includes:

Synthetic and Harmful Chemicals

You can explore our ingredients to avoid list, which can include detergents, emulsifiers, and dyes. These often cause skin irritations and can be harmful in other ways as well.

Synthetic Preservatives

Synthetic preservatives can be extremely harmful and some are even carcinogenic.

Animal Derived Products

It may surprise you to learn that there are a lot of products derived from animals – milk, lanolin, proteins, Carmine, musk, and more. We ensure that these are not found in any of the products that you will use.


Beyond water, there are a lot of chemicals and products placed into cosmetics and skin care such as thickeners and texture enhancers that have no benefit whatsoever. They are placed in there solely for appearance and texture.


Many companies advertise that they have an organic and expensive ingredient in order to attract more customers. The problem is that they are only using a small percentage of organic products. The rest of the products are just as harmful as any other product – and they are often charging a lot more because of having the “premium” product inside.

It is important to search for products that are truly as safe as you want them to be. Just because a company uses “organic”, “natural”, or “botanical”, they are not necessarily pure and all natural products. These can be used legally even if a small percentage of the ingredients fit the name. The only way to ensure that you are getting what you think you are getting is by reading the ingredient panel and learning what belongs in your skincare products.

There are a lot of myths regarding organic products. Many people like to use chemicals simply because they are “tried and true”. We are strong believers that chemicals do not belong in food or beauty products. Chemicals are usually added into a product in order to replace natural ingredients. If natural ingredients are available, why would we pollute our environment and our bodies?

We are going to bust some of the common myths about organic products.

All-natural products offset synthetic chemicals.

False! While many companies try to use organic ingredients, these do not help to enhance the overall formula if there are still synthetics inside. Good ingredients will be good for the body while bad ingredients will be bad for the body. Just because an organic ingredient is used, it will not neutralize the carcinogens and toxic chemicals found otherwise. This means that if a product isn’t 100% organic, it can still be harmful to you and to the environment.

Organic and all-natural products do not perform as well.

False! People who have already made the switch to organic/all-natural products know that there is nothing better. There is more scientific research on the market than ever before about the use of plant-based ingredients. Synthetic chemicals often lead to a variety of side effects. This means that you can actually experience a significant amount of skin irritation, redness, and other issues by using the “conventional” products. Many times, these over-the-counter chemically induced products have significantly long shelf lives – and this is because of the use of preservatives and formaldehyde – which is not healthy in any capacity. Instead, you should focus on organic products that are designed to nourish the skin, restore the hydration levels, and overall protect the skin against aging, UV rays, and more.

Organic products are more expensive.

This depends. While some organic products are more expensive because of the labor and harvesting involved in obtaining the natural ingredients, they are generally not too much more expensive than the conventional products. When you consider that the harsh chemicals can actually lead to side effects, which means that you need to buy additional products in order to compensate for the side effects, you actually aren’t saving any money when you purchase these products. Many of the companies that market nonorganic products are spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising, and this means that they are increasing the price of the products. Organic products sell themselves and therefore do not need as much marketing. These savings are passed on to you.

There are countless testimonials to demonstrate that people have had their lives improved by going all natural. The proof is out there, so all you have to do is take a stand and make the switch. Your health will improve, your skin will be better nourished, and you will be preserving the planet for future generations.