We always love sharing testimonials because it demonstrates that our products have truly changed the lives of our customers. If you have a story about how all-natural products have helped you or simply want to tell us how much you love us at MaMa Organic Herbs, we want to hear about it!

I love the fact that I can always find new and innovative products at MaMa. My salon used to be my go-to place but the selection here is so significant that I can’t pass it up.

- Shannon, Tampa, FL

My skin used to be so dry. My next door neighbor recommended a scrub offered by MaMa and so I gave it a try. Within a few days of using it, I had already seen a huge difference in the way that my skin felt.

– Robin, Los Angeles, CA

The Rose Geranium hand wash is simply amazing. I love the way it smells and there is no other place that offers it. It’s a truly magnificent product and the price can’t be beat.

– Tamara, Boise, ID

The Arnica herbal oil is the best product that I have ever seen. I’ve had a lot of muscle pain over the years and this addresses it so that I can move almost instantly after application. I wish I had found MaMa years ago.

– Jon, Buffalo, NY

I’ve started using the various types of hand wash at my bed and breakfast and my guests have fallen in love. I have provided the mom on name to a number of people so that they can order the same hand wash that I provide once they go back home.

- Maria, Erie, NY

The All Natural after shave lotion that my wife bought me calms my skin after a close shave. I have used a number of products over the years and this one is truly my favorite.

- Patrick, Detroit, MI

My lips seemed to be perpetually chapped, until I learned about the lip balm provided at MaMa. A friend recommended it to me and it has helped dramatically – especially in the wintertime.

- Sarah, Niagara, NY

The customer service that I’ve received at MaMa has never disappointed. Whenever I am looking for a new product, the customer service representatives are always so eager to help me. I would recommend this company to anyone.

- Judith, Chattanooga, TN

I’ve become more eco-friendly over the past several years and I am always looking for new products. MaMa is always getting a new products that are not only organic but also vegan and gluten free. I’m always impressed by the product variety that I can find on the site.

- Eric, Denver, CO

I’ve been searching for raw organic Shea butter all over the place for my pregnant daughter. I wanted to make sure she didn’t have stretch marks – and what I found on mom off far exceeded my expectations. Here is hoping that she doesn’t get any once the baby is born.

- Alice, Little Rock, AR

For years, I have suffered from oily skin throughout my T-zone. After trying out some of the facial scrubs that I found on MaMa Organic Herbs, I no longer suffer from oily skin. This means that I can finally use the makeup that I’ve always wanted.

- Liz, Roswell, NM

Saving the planet is always a top priority for me and I’m constantly looking for new products that allow me to do this. I’ve gone organic in my way of eating and when I found out that I could do it for body care as well, I was hooked. The deodorants offered at MaMa are simply incredible.

- Brooke, Orlando, FL

I always love the incense that I can find at MaMa. Throughout the year, I tried different ones, including lavender,jasmine, sandalwood, and rose. They never disappoint in terms of their variety.

- Cheryl, Boston, MA