Our Values

Our Passion: To Erase Harmful Footprints on the Earth

At MaMa Organic Herbs, we understand the importance of protecting the environment. Through sustainability and the careful use of natural resources, it is possible to maintain a balance for all of life on the planet – including plants, animals, and humans. This balance can be quickly disturbed and this is why we have taken a stand in order to provide all-natural, sustainable, eco-friendly products throughout our store.

We are a leader in environmental stewardship in the United States as well as internationally. We are actively involved with the people who produce our products – and it is why we are so focused on ensuring that these people are properly compensated for what they do and treated with the highest level of respect. We encourage everyone to practice environmental stewardship throughout their businesses as well as communities. The more that people take an active stand in the environment, the more we can see improvements and ensure that Mother Nature provides for future generations.

Everything that we need to survive, including water, food, fresh air, and raw materials, depends on our natural environment. However, we continue to poison our oceans, soil, and air with chemicals, pollutants, and human waste.

Temperatures are on the rise, glaciers are melting to sea levels, coral reefs are dying, rain forest trees are being cut down, and fresh water and food supplies are diminishing. This is a dangerous situation – especially when you consider that our global population is growing quickly and demanding more of these resources. These pose great risks to the health of our families as well as our children.

At Mama organic Herbs, our goal is to lead by example. We hope to inspire you to make healthy and less harmful decisions by taking advantage of our great selection of organic and environmentally friendly products.

Mother Earth is a generous provider of nutrition, air, and wildlife – and this ensures that we have what we need in order to thrive and prosper. Our mission is to do our best to protect and sustain her for ourselves as well as future generations.

How do we help the planet?

It is easy to tell you about all of the all-natural products that we carry. However, we want to go above and beyond when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

All of our printed material is done on recycled paper and we use soy-based inks. We also look to minimize the amount of packaging in order to protect the environment as well as to reduce our environmental footprint. We use a variety of natural packaging materials including banana leaves. We also try to reduce the amount of plastic that we use whenever possible.

We are active in our charitable giving as well as nonprofit support. We believe that in order to enhance the planet that we live in, various organizations need support. This is why a percentage of all of our profits go to these various organizations. To learn more about our giving principals, please visit Giving.