Redeem Reward Points

MaMa Organic Herbs makes going enviro-friendly more rewarding through our Reward program.

Each and every time you make a purchase, reward points will accumulate automatically. You can choose when you wish to redeem – the points never expire. As you shop for all of your favorite all-natural products, points will go into your account. You can log into “my account” at any time to see how many points you have.

The number of reward points that you will receive for each product is listed right below the image of the product. This ensures that you know how much you are accumulating with each purchase that you make. Points are given based upon the dollar amount spent on merchandise. Shipping and handling, taxes, and any other items do not count. Gift card purchases also do not count when earning reward points.

Ready to get started? This is how you accumulate points:

  1. Create your user account
  2. Log in prior to placing an order
  3. Place items in your cart and complete the process as normal

Redeeming your rewards is simple. You will be able to “purchase” a gift card with your rewards. Depending upon how many points you have, it will translate into store credit immediately. With just as few as 125 reward points, you will be able to earn $10 and store credit. This gives you the chance to purchase some of your favorite natural products without spending any money.

Your credit can be used on absolutely anything in the store. This includes monthly specials, shipping and handling, and even taxes. As you go through the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter a gift card code.

When you redeem your reward points for a gift card, a code will be sent to you by email instantly. This is the code that you will use during the checkout process.

The money will be taken off of your total balance, ensuring that you get all of your favorite products for less.
You can redeem your rewards as often as you like. Since they never expire, you can choose to let them grow while saving for some new products that you haven’t tried before. You can also redeem on a regular basis should you choose to save with each order that you place.