Our Story

By caring for the planet and people from harvesting to production, as well as packaging and shipping of high quality, organic products for the benefit of the body, mind and spirit of all sentient beings, we honor our children’s future, our family heritage, earth-centered practices, and our humanity.

About Us:

Mama Organic Herbs began in 2011 as a tribute to our beloved mother for her compassionate vision and wisdom. We believe by honoring how she lived, employing the knowledge she imparted to her family, we care for the planet, and for one another. By embodying the spirit of mother energy, we remember our mother, mother earth, and our two daughters. Our mother taught us about benevolence and contribution in a relatively volatile world, to care for one another with organic, sustainably harvested herbs and to provide for those who could not care for themselves. The shift from profit-driven industry to sustainable, earth-centered practices is not just good-heartedness, it is an imperative given today’s human and environmental challenges. We share our success with animals and humans alike at Mama Organic Herbs and look forward to knowing our customers. We consider you part of our human family of like-minded individuals who are committed to being stewards of our earth and her beings. The quality of our products and packaging reflect the best the earth has to share — from harvesting to shipping we are committed to environmental practices and are inspired by the green movement. Together we can change the tide of business, support healthy and balanced lifestyles, reducing the stress inherent in living out of integrity. We envision a future where we recall the sustainable practices of the past and celebrate our commonness, by embracing our diversity. A percentage of our profits go to benefit activities related to wild life protection, sustainability, children education etc.  Click here to learn more about our benefit activities.