Natural Perfumes

Liquid Perfumes:

Our fragrance collection is all natural and has been blended by hand to provide pleasure for the mind, healing for the heart,and an awakening for the spirit. You can support your well-being and healthy lifestyle with all-natural,pure essences.

With our natural perfumes,you can indulge and be at peace knowing there are no toxic, synthetic fragrances used and it is free of alcohol to give you a pure product.

Solid Perfumes:

Awaken your senses to a softer,more subtle perfume balm.These beauties contain layers of precious spices blended with delicate florals. Pure flower magic with concentrated joy. Solid perfumes travel easily in your purse or bag with no leaks and provide a longer lasting scent on your skin.

These gorgeous scents hold together well and are created from Nature’s highest frequencies, the purest plant essences on the planet. Nature‚Äôs love has been blended for us. The ultimate crown of creation: The power of you being able to enjoy your personal scent.