Giving feels good

MaMa Organic Herbs is committed to improving the environment and we do this through giving to other organizations that are just as committed as we are. We believe that if we work together, we can protect the planet for future generations.

A portion of all of our profits is given to these charitable organizations in order to make a difference.

carbon-fund1We work with to help reduce the carbon footprint around the globe. The organization is focused on helping to solve climate change and preserving forests by lowering the amount of carbon emissions. By planting trees, it is possible to reduce global warming and we provide funding so that more trees can be planted.

Local Humane Society

montgomery-county-humane-society2We have a love for all life on the planet including animals. Our support of the local humane society in Montgomery County ensures that animals without a home are given proper shelter and all of the essentials they need for survival. The Montgomery County Humane Society has a number of programs including Adopt a Pet. They also offer services to the residents of the area that include humane education, bereavement seminars, and workshops for new pet owners.

Local Non-Profit Organizations

We have worked closely with and supported a variety of local non-profit organizations from Washington DC, Virginia and, Maryland. Many of the organizations are designed to improve the health of kids and under-privileged women as well as to empower them. This is something close to our heart and we like to see the difference we can make inside of our community.

At MaMa Organic Herbs, we grew up learning to have an appreciation for everything on the planet. We constantly watch as carbon emissions destroy plant life and rain forest trees are torn down to provide more resources for the constantly growing population around the earth. If we do not do something to hold onto these resources, there won’t be anything left for future generations.

We love our planet and we want to do what we can to see that it survives. We feel it is the least that we can do to contribute some of our profits towards these organizations as it makes all of the difference in the world.

Should you like to find out more about the organizations that we support, you can visit the websites or you can contact us directly. We love to share our eco-friendly achievements with everyone – and we would love for you to support the same organizations to help make a difference.